Discovery of the IITO brand: a meeting between simplicity and innovation

At the moment, Japanese clothing brands are quite unknown in Belgium. This article is an opportunity to raise the veil on one of them: IITO.

The IITO brand was born in Kumamoto, in the heart of the Daiichi Bôseki (第一紡績工場) spinning company, founded in 1947. It is the only company in Japan that integrates both spinning and dyeing processes at the same site, which allows them to keep control of the various manufacturing stages and thus offer fabrics that are fully representative of the company.

This brand mainly offers t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters made with different spinning techniques that bring specific characteristics to the clothes.

Thus, the t-shirts are made from a high quality cotton associated with the PURE BREEZE process. The particularity of this process consists in the twisting of the threads which allows the material to keep its brightness, its natural softness and to increase its durability.

Through the sweater below that I had the opportunity to test, it is not an exaggeration to say that their expertise is perceptible in the material that shapes the clothes they propose. Indeed, my first impression was the softness of it which offers a pleasant feeling of comfort. A sensation transmitted by the material used, the MIDAIR. This fabric, made of 100% cotton, is obtained through a special spinning method that creates layers of air between the fibers. In addition to the comfort, MIDAIR offers that characteristic, slightly fluffy look.

The comfort felt when wearing or touching the garment is, in my opinion, reinforced by the gray color of the sweater. A light gray, conducive to relaxation. Of course, this is only my personal feeling. Besides, don’t we say « Tastes and colors, that’s not debatable » 😉

In addition to the material I just mentioned and which, in my opinion, is of excellent workmanship, let’s focus on other elements that determine the quality of a garment such as the seams as well as various details.

Generally, I pay little attention to the seams of the clothes I wear but this article is an opportunity to change my mind! Indeed, although discreet, they are very important because they impact different factors such as the durability of the garment and its comfort.

The brand IITO takes the decision to make the seams visible, both on the outside and inside of the garment. An interesting aesthetic choice that I think gives this brand its own identity. In addition, since nothing is hidden, I think that the garment and therefore more broadly the brand, wants to establish a relationship of trust between the person and the article it holds in his hands.

To come back to the seams of the sweatshirt that I present to you, several elements are to be mentioned. First of all, those present inside the garment are flat, soft and do not cause on the skin this unpleasant sensation of friction that I could already feel with other clothes. In addition, they are perfectly clean, regular and the areas of junction between the different seams have the same regularity and neatness. Secondly, let’s take a look at the seams on the outer surface. They have nothing to envy to their cousins and have the same characteristics.

Let’s take a closer look at the zipper. The main characteristic of this one is that it is double. Therefore, it allows for different adjustments depending on the style you are looking for. Made of metal, the slider is thick and slides easily over the teeth. Like the seams, the attachment of the ribbon to the fabric is precise and has no defects that could compromise its durability.

Let’s move on to two details. First, I would like to focus on the absolutely fantastic hood! The hood is wide, thick but light and once you put it on, it offers a very nice, soft and warm space! Secondly, I would like to draw your attention to the triangular piece of fabric located under the armpit. This one gives more ease at the level of the arms, which, once again, increases the feeling of comfort felt.

Source: Jennifer De la Rubia

This test is slowly coming to an end but if I had to define the main characteristics of this brand through this sweater, I would say: simplicity, quality and comfort. Indeed, although the model is simple, this characteristic is an asset that allows it to break away from the rules of clothing styles that punctuate our society. The material awakens the touch and makes the garment a garment that we want to wear and even more, to keep. The quality is embodied in the different elements of the garment and in doing so, establishes a bond of trust between the brand and ourselves. Am I ready to trust the IITO brand ? Yes, definitely ! Are you ?

Source: Jennifer De la Rubia

If you wish to discover more about the IITO brand, do not hesitate to visit their website: IITO SHOP / TOPページ (

You can also follow them on social networks via :

The brand was also represented at three Pop-up Exhibition in Paris, Antwerp and London as part of the project initiated by Setsugekka and that you can discover in my second article 😉

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